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Congressional Commerce

When I was 14 years old, I discovered the film Style Wars for the first time. I actually viewed the show air Public Broadcasting System, & i also taped the show with a cassette (blank) . Not a video cassette . . . an audio tape ! Me & my graffiti pals would then listen to the film over & over while we practiced our own graffiti names, designs & characters. All of us wanted to be “The Magnetic King”. Solid Money, Congressional Dollars
How come? Primarily since we believed Kase2 was awesome. Kase2 invented the ComputerRock Style. And he simply said so many darn cool sayings so we dreamed of being like Kase! So we would endeavor bubble letters, blockbusters, mechanical letters and computer rocks while reiterating all his awesome sayings such as “fresh extraterrestrial brothers”. The thing that was perhaps even more impressive was that Case 2 had just a single arm! & And in fact one foot too. It was like even if this fellow received a raw deal (from a childhood accident) Case was just giving it at 100%. It's simply, yep this guy is amazing.”
One of the things few realize would be that Kase2 s initial claim to fame had been block letters. Strangely, many of us rarely see pictures of the trains, mainly Kase's computer rock style are pictured, probably because towards the end of the Nyc subway graffiti period more and more people photographed pictures of subway cars. One more intriguing tidbit about Kase2 is the fact that certainly one of the artist's most famous graffiti pieces, that Kase-Elkay piece, rode several years! At the time, Ny city was intensely attempting to eliminate graffiti on the subway trains, nevertheless the Kase-Elkay car for some reason averted "The Buff" for several years, or merely went through a few times. Consequently, it basically rode on the train lines for several years much after the the initial airing of Style Wars.

Real Dollars, Historic Commerce

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